7 reasons to choose South Goa hotels


When planning a trip to Goa, there are a few things to consider. While North Goa is known for its vibrant nightlife and crowded beaches, South Goa is a more relaxed destination, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are seven reasons to book a hotel in South Goa: 

1. The beaches in South Goa are less crowded, making it easy to find a spot to relax. 

2. The water is clean and clear, perfect for swimming or snorkelling. 

3. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving fresh seafood. 

4. South Goa is home to some of the best museums in the state, including the Naval Aviation Museum and the Goa State Museum. 

5. The small town of Margao is a great place to shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts. 

6. The hilly area of Old Goa is perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle. 

7. And finally, hotels in South Goa tend to be more affordable than those in North Goa.