The Best of Both Worlds: Hotels with Access to Goa's Beaches and Jungles


Nestled in India's western state of Goa, lie a handful of hotels that offer visitors the best of both worlds - access to the sun-soaked beaches and verdant jungles. Guests can start their day with a dip in the azure waters of Palolem beach or indulge in an early morning bird watching adventure in the nearby Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. With happy bellies from a sumptuous breakfast, beach bums can soak up some Vitamin D under the swaying palms or take a leisurely stroll to an enchanting waterfall tucked inside the dense jungle. And when the day comes to an end, visitors can retire to comfortable accommodations that blend seamlessly with nature. Hotels in Goa, with access to both the beaches and jungles, offer travelers a chance to explore the varied landscapes of this beautiful region, creating unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.